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Telefire's products are approved by the most prestigious international standards institutes.

CE Standard UL Standard IS-1220 Standard GREEN LABEL Standard GOST Standard UNICEF Standard ISO Standard EN54 Standard EN12094 Standard

Addressable smoke control system

Telefire provides a solutions for smoke evacuation control systems by controlling and monitoring smoke blowers, smoke shelves and opening and closing fire doors. 

The company provides the solutions required for compliance with the relevant standards including the panel designing services according to the site where it is installed, planning a synoptic graphical display of the structure and an electronic design based on modular units. 

The integrated system consists of the ADR-3000 fire alarm system which is approved by  UL, EN 54, and IS 1220 Part 2 standards and of the firesighter's panel which is approved to UUKL standard.

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CE Standard UL Standard IS-1220 Standard UNICEF Standard ISO Standard EN54 Standard EMC Standard
Telefire The Story
  • More then 30 years of know-how

    Telefire is an international authority in the early detection and control of fires. Our know-how results from over three decades of applied laboratory research and field-tested solutions.

  • International Certification

    Support team of skilled, experienced Engineers and Technicians on-call 24/7 for Telefire customers.

  • Service is everything

    Telefire's Systems are approved, and are under constant supervision by the most prestigious international Standards Institutes.


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