Fire protection providing nonstop protection with nonstop excellence

Since 1979, Telefire has been dedicated to early detection and effective control of fires of every type and automatic extinguishing in any location.

More than 30 years of pioneering research in the physics of fire and automatic extinguishing have contributed to a new-generation protection with commercial, industrial, governmental and military applications.

Our company employs a team of engineers and technicians who develop proprietary solutions through in-house R&D and manufacturing. The Telefire product line continues to grow in response to the changing needs of the global market.

Telefire, a pioneer in fire and smoke detection, provides full-circle protection and round-the-clock confidence to building sites of all sizes.

The instant a problem occurs, Telefire pinpoints the source, communicates the event to designated call-points, and activates the necessary measures to protect the area and eliminate the danger - all within seconds.

Our Products

Telefire Quality

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Providing Peace of Mind around the World

    • Office buildings
    • Factories (including hazardous processes)
    • Military bases
    • University campuses
    • Government centers
    • Hotels and restaurants
    • Shopping malls
    • Power plants and utilities
    • Mass-transit terminals
    • Museums and national heritage sites