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January 2014

Singapore Seminar

September 2013

Telefire Technical Seminar Fire Alarm Systems International Fire Alarm and Extinguishing Exhibition

April 2013

Class - A Fire Alarm System

October 2012

Fire alarm and fire protection situation in Israel

May 2012

Smoke detectors

November 2011

Fire alarm systems - an essence of the Israeli standard

June 2011

Telefire Fire Detection

May 2011

Security 2011 exhibition


Singapore Seminar

Telefire is proud to preform a technical seminar to its partner in Singapore.

Telefire's seminar teachs the local company to install, maintain, program, fix bugs etc. Usually the seminar takes 3-4 days and after one has sucessfuly finish it - he will be aothurized to install and maintain Telefire's systems.

Going to an overseas country and preform a technical seminar is something that Telefire's is proud of. To preform this kind of seminar, in a professional and efficient way - is not easy and takes a lot of expirience. 

Our clients technical level means a lot to us, and that is why we hope to do many seminars in the future.