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NET MODULES ™ Internet enabled monitoring and notification

Telefire's Internet enabled monitoring and notification module enhanced the features of the ADR-3000, TSA-1000 and TSA-200 fire alarm control panels by adding remote monitoring and event distribution.

  • A built-in server enables remote monitoring of the fire alarm control panel status using standard web browser. The web server provides system status and essential system information such as location, address and contact phone numbers.
  • Optional e-mail notification of trouble events. The e-mail includes a brief description and a hyperlink shortcut for instant browsing of the system's status.
  • SMS notification of alarm and trouble events.
  • Remote diagnostic using Telefire's TCS-3040 software. Events are detailed to an individual detector or input/output module for the ADR-3000 analog addressable fire alarm control panel, and specific zone for the TSA-1000 and the TSA-200 conventional fire alarm control panels.

Centralized control of distributed sites on an organization
Distribution of event notification to key personnel in the organization
Integration with existing LAN / WAN / Intranet infrastructure or the Internet
Remote event notification reduces service costs due to time saving for service personnel
Faster response to service calls
More efficient use of technical manpower in the service organization